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On a Personal Note

Barbara has three children: a daughter, 21; a son,18; and son, 15; who are wonderful assets to her life. Watching them grow and develop their talents on their individual life journeys brings her pride and pleasure. Barbara swims and does yoga regularly and enjoys walks along the river, bike riding, and traveling. She resides in beautiful Eugene, Oregon where everything is green and gorgeous.

About Barbara

Youth: Barbara's past experience has contributed to her ability to guide people toward their best. She grew up in Cleveland as one of nine children and learned the importance of responsibility early on. She worked through high school, college, and graduate school in diverse jobs which gave her valuable experience in working with various people in various industries.

First Job: Her first teaching job was teaching high school special education students, a new program at that time. She was given a group of children and a room with marching orders to teach them although curriculum and materials were nonexistent. This is where she learned how to teach: how to take concepts, break them down into manageable parts, develop supporting materials, design creative learning experiences, and engage people in their own learning.

Promotion: Eventually , Barbara became a consultant/supervisor for Special Education Programs in Wood County, Ohio where she had lots of responsibility but little authority. Through this experience, she learned how to get things done through influence and collaboration. After several years there, she took a Staff Development position with Fairfax County Schools in Virginia where she developed teacher in-service programs. Here she learned how to help professionals become even more effective by providing them with practical tools and techniques to enhance their skills.

Own Business: After ten years in public education, Barbara ventured off into opening her own business, which she has been running for 23 years. Her worked has always focused on helping people get their ideas accepted by others and thereby get things done. She has shown leaders how to engage their people in organizational improvements, staff how to win support of management for innovations, and employees how to influence decisions of clients.

Continual Focus: Her venues may change—retreats, conferences, training sessions—but her focus remains the same: to help people create results for themselves and their organizations by making good ideas work. Bring Barbara in when you want to turn your ideas into reality!