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Expertise & Services

For 23 years, Barbara has been showing leaders how to get their ideas embraced quickly and strongly by others. By shifting from being idea generators to "idea architects," her clients throughout the United States and in Eastern Europe create results by influencing their critical decision makers positively. Barbara provides frameworks clients can use over and over to present and execute their ideas to:

  • Improve organizations
  • Serve clients
  • Build business
  • Services

    Barbara has many ways to share her expertise: speaking, coaching, facilitating, training, and writing. The venue and format for learning depends on her clients' preferences and plans. Her clients frequently ask her to:

  • Speak at Conferences
  • Facilitate Retreats
  • Conduct Training
  • Promise:

    When you bring Barbara in, you can expect the following:

  • She'll do her homework on your organization and industry.
  • She'll collaborate with you to choose the best approach.
  • She'll remember it's your organization and she's your resource.
  • She'll share her expertise to help you create results.
  • She'll be easy to work with.
  • Barbara is:

  • Published with 25 articles in nine professional trade journals
  • Quoted in financial services journals
  • Experienced with more than 100 clients
  • Bring Barbara in when you want substance and style as well as energy and expertise.