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Ideas lie at the heart of improving organizations, serving clients, and building business. And yet, sometimes good ideas aren't embraced as quickly or strongly as people would like. Merely having good ideas isn't enough; they must be embraced by others enough to influence their thinking and behavior. This requires shifting from being an idea generator to becoming an "idea architect" who is proficient at designing strategies to influence critical decision makers positively.

"Idea architects": Have a clear goal of what they what to create, consider all the factors that will affect the form and function of their idea, are aware of existing constraints, study their critical decision makers, and design blueprints that provide their best chances of success.
"Critical decision makers": Make or break the success of an idea; choose to be either cooperative or resistant; evaluate ideas on their own terms; need to see the value in an idea to support it; and vary with the situation sometimes being a client, a co-worker, a boss, etc.

The interaction between "Idea architects" and "critical decision makers" is crucial to achieving results. When the right connection is made, a synergy evolves that leads to trust, commitment, and accomplishments. To become an "idea architect":

  • Develop expanded perspective
  • Present ideas for greatest appeal
  • Execute ideas with impact