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The following programs focus on achieving results by influencing critical decision makers in a positive way and gaining their buy-in. Contact Barbara to have them customized to your organization or to have new programs developed.

From Idea Generator to "Idea Architect": Creating Results
Executive Speaking Program: Influencing Others
Developing a Leadership Culture
Conductors Extraordinaire: The Sweet Sound of Service in Your Organization
Minding Your Business: Building Your Credibility, Influence, & Reputation
Attracting & Keeping the Best & the Brightest
Service Excellence
Magnets, Glue, & Velcro: Attracting & Keeping Clients
The Interesting, Unusual, & Challenging: Interacting With All Kinds of People
Handling Difficult Clients Without Becoming Difficult Yourself
Business Development
Be a Best Seller: Mastering the Art of Relationship Selling
Maximizing Your Marketing: Creating a Marketing Organization
The Sales, Service, & Marketing Connection
Building the Firm: Business Development for Professional Service Firms
Presentation Skills
Adding Power & Pizzazz to Your Presentations
Executive Speaking Program: Increasing Your Influence
Developing Seminars That Bring in Business for Professional Service Firms
Organizational Improvement
Wisdom From Oz: Accountability & Teambuilding Lessons
Becoming CEO of Your Own Job: Staying on Top of Your Career
Success is Just Past Splat: Making Good Ideas Work
Change Management
Taking Charge of Change
The Times They Are a Changin'-- What About You?
Old Maps, Washed Out Roads, & New Territory: Guiding People Through Change